Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a radiographic imaging method that allows accurate, three-dimensional (3D) imaging of hard tissue structures. CBCT is the most significant among the medical diagnostic imaging advancement available to medicine. 

This significant instrument allows our surgeons to precisely plan your complex surgical cases to ensure that we have the highest level of predictability & success. 




Digital radiography allows us to capture the most accurate x-rays with less radiation exposure to you. 

The best of both World's! 


We've eliminated the goop in your mouth and replaced it with a painless digital scan! 

Our impressions are digitalized and do not require traditional impression material, "goop" that tastes bad and makes you gag. Our digital impressions are painless, fast and accurate! 


Clear braces! - Our Orthodontist - Dr. Eugene Kim can prescribe clear braces, through invisalign, vs. traditional metal braces! 

Call us to learn how we can straighten your smile today! 


Dental prosthetics! - Implants that replace missing teeth - Our Board Certified & UCLA trained Periodontist, Dr. Peter Refela will replace your missing tooth using our advanced CBCT tomography to aid in treatment planning your case. 

We will then complete the surgery with top of the line Nobel bio-care implants to ensure long lasting success! 

C H A R L E S  K I M D.D.S.

EST.  2017

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